Tips for Removing Facial Hair on Women

It is one thing for women to deal with unwanted hair on their legs, arms or armpits – but on the face is a completely different matter!  Female facial hair is not only incredibly embarrassing for many women, but it is often difficult to remove. Our top recommendation for removing female facial hair is Ultra Hair Away.  But before we tell you why we picked this hair removal solution, we will tell you why we eliminated other methods of hair removal.

Shaving Facial Hair on Women

The last thing you want to do is shave female facial hair.  Shaving only chops off the part of the hair which is above the skin’s surface.  Since facial skin is thin and soft, you will probably be able to see the remainder of the shaved hair – much like stubble on men. It only takes about a day before shaved facial hair starts to become externally visible again which means you’d have to shave nearly every day!

Waxing and Tweezing

Both of these methods tear the hair out of the follicle from the root.  It takes some time before a new root can develop so you may be able to enjoy being hair-free for about a week or two before you need to tweeze/wax again.  While tweezing is a decent strategy for removing facial hair on women, it is only useful if there is just a small amount of hair.  Waxing would have to be done for larger areas (unless you don’t mind spending hours tweezing!).  There are two main problems with waxing.  First, your hair has to be relatively long (about ½ inch) if you want to pull the hair out at the root – and you probably don’t want your facial hair getting that long!  Secondly, waxing can irritate the sensitive skin on your face.

Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams use harsh chemicals to dissolve hairs within the follicle.  Like waxing or tweezing, the hair will quickly regrow in the follicle so you will have to remove the unwanted hair again.  That means you will need to regularly apply the harsh depilatory cream to your face.  This can damage your sensitive facial skin and lead to breakouts or other problems.

Laser Treatment and ElectrolysisTips for Removing Facial Hair on Women

These methods are permanent methods of thinning hair.  They are great choices but the big catch is that they cost too much for most people, especially since you will semi-regularly need to go back for repeat treatments.

Ultra Hair Away

Ultra Hair Away is the only of these hair removal methods which actually gives permanent results.  Ultra Hair Away works by inhibiting hair follicle growth.  At first, you will notice your facial hair becoming much thinner and slower growing.  Then, Ultra Hair Away will stop it from growing completely.  It takes about 6 weeks to get rid of the facial hair completely – but after these 6 weeks you won’t ever have to worry about facial hair again!