Permanent Hair Removal: What Works and What is Bunk

If you have unwanted hair, then it can become a never-ending battle trying to get rid of it.  Most popular methods of hair removal only give temporary results so you are left to deal with the unsightly hair after a very short time.

Methods of Temporary Hair Removal

  • Shaving
  • Waxing or sugaring
  • Tweezing
  • Rotary epilators or “threading” machines
  • Depilatory creams

It usually doesn’t take long for people to get fed up with these methods of temporary hair removal.  They can be very painful and take a lot of your time, especially since treatment needs to be done frequently.  Unfortunately, a lot of people stick to these methods of hair removal because they don’t realize there are better options available.

When it comes to “permanent” hair removal, the most popular methods are actually just giving “permanent reduction” of hair.

  • Electrolysis hair removal: This method of hair removal utilizes a light ray which can penetrate into the hypodermis of the skin to the hair’s root.  The light ray creates heat which desecrates the hair follicle.  This puts the hair into its “resting” phase.  Eventually, the hairs will grow back but you will have some time hair-free.  The main problem with Electrolysis (aside from not being truly permanent hair removal) is that it can be very costly and may take several sessions.
  • Laser hair removal: Laser hair removal uses a pretty cool technique of targeting specific light waves to damage melanin – the color in hair. There are various types of laser hair removal techniques but hair will eventually grow back with all of them.  When the hairs do grow back, they are generally thinner and lighter colored though. The price of laser hair removal is hefty at about $200-$500 for a lip.  You may need repeated session or touch up sessions.
  • Creams:  A lot of the creams advertising themselves as permanent hair removers are actually just depilatories which dissolve the hair.  They may damage the follicle too so it takes longer for the hair to grow back – but then they are likely to damage skin as well.

Truly Permanent Hair Removal

To really get rid of hair forever, you only have a few choices.  The medical solution is electrology.  This involves inserting a very thin needle into the skin at the hair follicle.  The needle is used to blast electric current at the hair follicle, thus destroying it. Aside from being very expensive, this process takes a very long time.  It can be 1-4 years just to finish a face.  This is not a good method of hair removal for people with large amounts to remove.

A much more practical method of permanent hair removal is Ultra Hair Away, a cream which destroys the hair root using enzymes and dermatologically-safe chemicals. Ultra Hair Away just gets sprayed onto the problematic area, rubbed into the follicle, and it causes damage to the follicle.  After about 6 weeks of regularly using Ultra Hair Away, the follicle will detach from its blood vessel and become permanently dormant.